Client: AKQA for NBA
Executive Creative Director: Eric Cruz
Project: Art direction for app-based assets/illustrations
Collaborators: Llovd Valera, Bernard Salunga
When the NBA launched in China for the 2018 season, AKQA Shanghai developed a digital campaign to engage with local Chinese basketball fans. Part of the campaign was an app where users can create their own content to share with their friends. The main function of the app was for users to choose their own NBA avatar. They can pick their favorite teams, character poses, headgear, and random stickers. Then upload their own faces to form their personalized avatar to share on social media. 
I was tapped to create the illustration assets for the personalization of each avatar. These were used as the main highlight of the mobile app. I formed a team to create various poses, hairstyles, stickers, and background elements for 30 NBA teams. We iterated and delivered the assets over several weeks--while I was vacationing in Singapore, managing two illustrators in the Philippines, and coordinating with the client in China. 

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