aj dimarucot
AJ is a self-taught graphic designer, art director, and illustrator who has worked on experiential, digital, web/mobile, and integrated campaigns for brands all over the world. He has designed for and collaborated with brands like Nike, Jordan Brand, Adidas, to a multitude of smaller independent brands. 
His designs on apparel have delivered millions of dollars worth of sales all over the world. He has created officially-licensed works for athletes in the NFL, MLB, and the NBA, as well as for properties like Coca-Cola, Star Wars, and Marvel.

AJ was also an Art Director for Ogilvy, largely responsible for starting the digital department, which went on to win numerous awards even after he left. He has been a judge in the local design shows and has been invited to speak at the Graphika Manila in 2008 and 2015. He now regularly appears in colleges and universities to discuss his work. 
Along with industry pioneers, he started the Communication Design Association of the Philippines to raise the value of Philippine design and elevate the Filipino designer in the global stage.

He started the Facebook community Filipinomads Creative Network to help Filipino creatives work for brands all over the world. The goal is to create more OFWs (Online Filipino Workers), helping Filipinos earn in dollars without having to leave the Philippines. 
AJ is also an entrepreneur who co-owns the hip kids clothing line googoo&gaga, a brand he started with his wife. He also put up a Filipino-Mexican themed restaurant called MADECA along with his brother and friends. 
Most of his time is spent at home with his wife Audrey and three wonderful kids. 

Reach out to him at hello[at]ajdimarucot.com

Photo by https://www.roundhouse.ph/