by: AJ Dimarucot | June 05,2020
I've worked with international clients for 12 years now, running my design business . Here's a few things I've learned. This is part of what I teach creatives in my workshops.

The low hanging fruits are job marketplaces like Upwork, Onlinejobs, etc. but it seems harder to get into if you're a newbie and sometimes it's a race to the bottom. 

Personally, I prefer using social media since I'm on it everyday anyway. These are some of the techniques that have worked for me.

1) Join international Facebook groups in your niche

For example, if you're into writing/copy writing, join not only writing groups but groups who might need your services: marketing groups or entrepreneurship groups. Their members would likely probably need copywriters for their businesses.

If you are a designer who loves yoga, make sure to join Yoga business groups or Yoga coaching specialist groups. I'm fairly sure a quick search would yield a bunch of groups you can join. You will find that some of the members would post their design/creative needs, especially if they are engaged in business. 

2) Search all Facebook public posts

Heard one story of a video editor who searched "looking for a video editor" on FB and messaged all the people who posted that phrase. He landed a $2,000 a month gig just doing that.

3) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is probably one of the most important sites for creatives out there. When you apply to online or remote gigs, hiring managers normally check your LinkedIn profile. Fix your profile and post your work, your thoughts in your industry, etc. This gives you authority in your niche and the right people will find you.

Follow or add the creative directors, art directors, CEOs, etc. of companies you'd love to work with. I find that a lot of them normally post job ads and people they are looking to hire or commission. 

4) Twitter

Twitter is amazing for job leads. Follow and connect with the companies you'd like to work with and then find out who their owners, bosses, etc. are and start following them too. They normally post jobs, projects, or people they need to hire. They normally open up their DMs or provide an email/link to respond.
Search “hiring copywriter” , “hiring designer”, “hiring illustrator”, etc. and respond to the ones that interest you.

There are many ways to find international clients. These are just some techniques I employ on a daily basis when I use social media. 
If anyone need private mentorship or coaching, please reach out.

Best of luck! 
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